About Git Awards

I love feedback, if you have any questions or comments, send me a tweet: @vdaubry


Ranking questions
First your score is computed for each language using this formula:
              sum(stars) + (1.0 - 1.0/count(repositories))

Then you are ranked according to your score compared to other developers with repositories in the same language or in the same location (by city, by country or worldwide).

If you're interested in the ranking you should have a look at the SQL query that generates the ranking table: rank.sql

Git Awards retrieves data from 2 sources: For a detailed explanation of how the data was processed, see the project readme: https://github.com/vdaubry/github-awards
We get the number of stars for each repo from GitHub Archive. Most likely the data for some of your repos are not up to date. We plan to add GitHub connect and allow you to ask for a refresh. In the meantime you can reach me on Twitter if some of your data is not accurate: @vdaubry
At the moment I have excluded organizations from the ranking calculation in order to have a user only ranking. If you would like to have an organization ranking send me a tweet and we'll talk about it.
General questions
I'm vincent daubry, I'm a Ruby developer living in Paris. You can find more about me and my project on GitHub.
There are many simple things that can help this project greatly:
  • Send a tweet supporting this project.
  • You are probably sitting next to another developer right now, tell them about Git Awards.
  • If you want to contribute to the project, that's amazing! Open an issue on GitHub and let's talk about it.
I care a lot about this project not being creepy. It doesn't display your name or your email, you cannot search for someone by name or get access to their email. Only GitHub username, avatar, repository list, location, and repository language. Though we don't display it, the database might contain information already publicly available on your GitHub profile:
  • Email
  • Full name
  • Location
  • Picture (avatar)
  • Website or blog URL
  • Company
If you want to edit or remove any of this information, you can reach me on twitter.